Images Available

On this page are five sample images of the 400,000 images, which are available from TesdorfDesign. There are 85,000 buildings from all over the World, with an average of 5 images available from each. This is 70,000 buildings in addition to those listed in "The Buildings". These images are available in high definition digital form by order from our email listed on our Contact Page. Below are five sample images in low resolution.

There are twenty other Images scattered throughout the Site.

Hotel by Aldo Rossi at Fukuoka, Japan

Deir-el-Bahri at Thebes in Egypt,15th century BC

Interior of Lincoln Cathedral, England

Library of Celsus at Ephesus, Turkey

Villa Capra, La Rotonda, at Vicenza by Andrea Pallasio

Palau de la Musica by Lluis Domenech at Barcelona, Spain.

Metropolitain Abesses Station Entry in Paris by Hector Guimard

TesdorfDesign architecture

The Sad Little Frog/Den Ledsha Lilla Grodan. In English and Swedish.